Normally on a Friday, I post the newest photo for the Deck Project, but I will have to post that tomorrow.  This is my one-hundredth post since starting this blog, so I was looking for something special to do to mark it.

I decided to go through the photos that I’ve taken since using this current camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T1i, and I found three images that I thought would mark the occasion nicely.

Firstly, an image taken on the one-hundredth day of 2010, I only took photos on one subject that day, so I had to choose one from those, and one that I had not already uploaded.  I may never see Washington DC (especially when the Cherry Blossoms are blooming) so this tree is our Guyanese version  🙂

Secondly, the one-hundredth photograph, or more specifically the one-hundredth shutter-activation of the T1i.  This was from a project I did for Banks DIH, they were soon to open the new fine-dining restaurant and bar now known as OMG!  This scene is from inside the restaurant,  This is among the first experiences I’ve had with a Digital SLR camera.

Thirdly, I had reached and surpassed nine-thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine shutter actuations on the camera, and the numbering had started over, so the next photo is the second one hundredth image by number on the camera, so technically it’s the ten thousand and one hundredth image.

I started this blog with a post called “Before Our God”, with an image taken at the funeral of my maternal grand-mother, coincidentally on the one-hundredth post, an image from that same day is numbered 100.

For all those who have gone before us, those with us and those to come after us, most of us eventually realize that photography is more than just clicking the shutter-release button, it’s about the Moment, the Memory and the Meaning of the scene you have captured.

13 thoughts on “100

  1. cecil beharry

    Hi Mike
    Those Guyana Cherry pink blossoms are just perfect to look at on any day of the week and any time of the day. Reminds me of those beautiful Chinese flower designs on silk that you frame and hang on your wall. This photograph will hang beautifully in a picture frame to add cheerfulness in a room
    Warm regards

  2. A momentous occasion, you should have reminded me and we would have celebrated with some caipirinhas (the children could make their own way home :)). I like the theme and luckily for you, you had some very good (and appropriate) images to use.

  3. Rose

    Congrats. Just goes to show what One can do once One put their mind to it. Love the blossom picture. Can I get a picture of the whole tree in bloom and when does it bloom? The tree may not be a cherry but it might be a plum. I cannot believe you keep a check on the number of shutter actions your camera has done. That just show how much we lowly folks know about the camera. Like most people I know about picture numbers but where do you get the shutter number from?

  4. davidsobik

    Great post Michael. I actually read it last night and again today. I revisited your first post as well. The image at your Grandmothers funeral is just such an emotion evoking one.

    Congrats on your 100th post as well!

    Cheers mate.

  5. nice work Mikey. I am now reading this for some reason. I did not know we had those lovely pink blossoms in Guyana. The Cherry Blossoms you mention in Washington DC are in peak bloom anytime from mid-March to early April.

    Congrats on making it that far. I know you did not think you would reach that when you started. I know about taking pictures at funerals. It seems odd to some but for me when my grandmother died it was therapeutic also.

    Keep Shooting

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