2011 Deck – Week 3

I almost thought that I’d have to re-post Compton as my Deck Photo this week, I didn’t do much photography until the end of the week  🙂

I had the chance to re-visit a scene I had done a few year’s ago, back when I was shooting the Canon PowerShot S5 IS, which I still miss.  The scene was on Sheriff Street, and it was a photo that was “borrowed” from my Flickr photostream to be used on a Facebook page about Guyana.

Once again, it’s Twilight time and the sky is touched by the wings of the angels, the wands of the fairies, or just one of those physical phenomenons of light on particles in the air 🙂

I hope you like it.


The Street that never Sleeps. Handheld, 1/13s, f/3.5, ISO400, 18mm

Buddy’s Pool Hall give s a nice addition of lights to the street, and it is Sheriff Street, the street that never sleeps!

7 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 3

  1. Dude, you did this handheld?? And you are being polite, they stole your photo. That generally is the term applied to people taking your stuff without permission 🙂 You may miss the S5 but this is a superior shot, the intervening years have added skill and the better camera has added smoothness.

  2. davidsobik

    Nice image Michael. Love the sky. I let my wedding guys “borrow” my images for their Facebook page but if have a big watermark on them!

    1. Thanks David, when it comes to promoting our country, I have no problems letting people use the photographs, once they give credit where credit is due, too many people believe that if they can find the image on the internet then its free to use 🙂

  3. Is that a new building going up in the background? Need I say more? In case I do need to say it… You’ve got to get up there whilst it’s empty and get a shot looking down Sheriff the other way – same time of day.

    PS I vote yay for light trails, but you’ll need your tripod!

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