The sojourn continues

I had first created a Sepia album when I frequently uploaded to WebShots (I slowed down because of their whole “captcha” usage for putting comments, too many people complained), and I had called it Sojourn in Sepia, I like the alliterative title.  As I gained confidence in my photography I found that I was taking more and more images geared toward monochromatic post-processing, so the sojourn continues with this one that I took last week.

The latest addition to the Sepia album is one I tried  on a walk down Brickdam, I was standing back waiting for Nikhil to take some shots when I looked up and noticed this stair and landing framed by the trunk of the tree.

On another note, all along I’ve been using the as the main blogging address, and I’ve also been using the sub domain as a forwarder although it wasn’t being treated as a full sub-domain, today I made it into a fully applicable sub domain, so all the blog address are now addresses with sub-folders etc.  The sojourn continues.  🙂

14 thoughts on “The sojourn continues

  1. Very nicely done. I love the way that the tree frames the house and I love the sepia conversion. That photo is definately one that should be blown up (expanded sort, not the destructive one..:D) and framed.

  2. Great composition on the shot, isn’t that the way it always works, we can look for shots all day (and get them) but sometimes its just the random “looked up” moment that produces a shot that we really like.

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