HDR – International Conference Centre, Guyana

Opportunity Knocks.

On Saturday, I had to take the vehicle to the mechanic for a strange “shuddering” that was making driving a bit nauseating, I get motion-sick it seems.  Synchronizing for someone to collect me from the mechanic was not too easy, especially as I seem to make an earlier start than most folks I know.  So, instead of waiting around outside the mechanic shop, I decided to start walking towards town, and get picked up on the way.  It was one of those times that opportunity knocks, the sky over the Conference Centre at Liliendaal was very nice and I looked at the whole scene for a minute and finally decided to try a HDR of it.

After taking two sets of three exposures I continued my walk, I have other photos from the walk, but this post is abut the HDR, so that is the only one I will link to for now.

As most photographers, whether hobbyists or professional, have discovered (sometimes the hard way), it is important to always have your camera with you, you just never know when opportunity will knock.

International Conference Centre, Liliendaal, Guyana.

2 thoughts on “HDR – International Conference Centre, Guyana

    1. Mastering the technique, no. but I take compliments where I can get them 🙂
      I find that when I started trying HDRs, I got carried away with all the fancy styles of tone mapping that was available (I still like the occasional dramatic toning), but as I’ve gained experience in photography and in HDR tone mapping I found that I am moving more and more to trying to represent the scene as I saw it or as it affected me.

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