The Deck – Week 27

I must have been too busy this week, or maybe the short week caught me off-guard, but it seems I forgot all about the Deck photograph until today  🙂  So, with just a little preamble I present this week’s photograph for the 2010 Deck.

At any rate, I actually did take a few photographs this week, so I just had to choose one, right?  I wish it were that easy.  But, after scanning through the ones I had taken this week, I chose one that may not be my favourite, but I think is a nice dramatic photograph with lots of character, I seem to be looking more and more into buildings with character recently, and as for these “old buildings” I blame Nikhil,  he has a fascination for old and derelict buildings that has rubbed off on me somehow.  Incidentally, this one was taken on one of our afternoon walks.

Just a note on the processing.  More and more people are asking me what “editing” I do to the photographs, and I don’t want to go into that old argument right now, Nikhil has a nice blog on that in Editing a Photograph.

The processing I did to this one was done in three steps, firstly, I did some chromatic aberration adjustment (correcting what is known to many photographers as purple fringing in the high contrast areas), then I did some “spot removal” of a pair of wires in the upper right hand corner, then applied a Lightroom preset called “Color Creative – Aged Photo”.  There you go, a step by step of the creation of this week’s Deck Photo, but don’t expect me to do this every week.  🙂

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