Monochromes from Bamboo Landing

Bamboo Landing on the Berbice RiverI have found that over the years of playing with cameras, I really love the vibrant colours that the default settings of a Canon camera have always had, and most times it shows in my photographs.

Over the years I have come to love doing select monochromes, specifically the black and whites and sepias that you can always find wherever I post my images.  These two types of monochromes lend a different atmosphere to an image, sometimes even an image that has little appeal in it’s original colour state.

Many people take photographs and then decide later on that this particular one or that particular one would look nice in monochrome, while it has happened to me before (and likely to happen again) I usually take a photograph with this particular type of end-product in mind, these two images I recently posted from the trip to Bamboo Landing are very representative of that, they are the only one taken with monochrome in mind and each one was taken with the particular type of  monochrome processing in mind that you see evinced in them.

Beached on the BerbiceThe Black and White Image, was taken just after noon sometime, the heavy clouds and the shadows from the foliage made me think of this as a BW image, the lone tree (actually has some brush around it) cave a nice focal point to an otherwise bland river scene.

The Sepia image was taken around the same time, whenever I see something like an old house or an old boat (almost anything old) I almost instantaneously think “monochrome”, it just goes well together.  When I first started doing Sepia photographs I had favoured the Canon default type on their point-and-shoot cameras, that very very vibrant, heavy on the sepia, but as I learned more and took more photographs, I learned to appreciate the lighter touches of sepia in an image.

2 thoughts on “Monochromes from Bamboo Landing

  1. I have always liked shooting in monochrome and my Nikon lets me shoot both at the same time and sometimes I prefer the color version and other times I only post/share the black and white.

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