I took this photo 5 years ago. (November 03, 2011, 5:06pm)

It’s one of those photos you take at the time, then just put aside; at the time it was just part of several images I took while walking along the northern and then the western side of City Hall, none of which were ever processed or shown to anyone.

I found a few dates about the building to be interesting; proposals for the construction of a Town Hall were endorsed in 1886, a design was chosen in 1887, and works completed in 1889, yet in the wrought iron fretwork design above this northern doorway is the year “1888”.

1888 – 11-6453  |  City Hall, Georgetown, Guyana  |  2011

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6 thoughts on “1888

  1. Neville Singh

    I guess even then, some works overran their completion dates. The wrought iron fretwork with year 1888 was no doubt ready but the building was late! So what’s new? Lovely architecture anyhow. They don’t build em like this anymore. And a lot of these legacy buildings are being lost for lack of attention and passage of time. Such a pity the resources and will is not there now to preserve our heritage. Colonial or not this is part of Guyana’s history and culture. We may have railed against colonial government but looking back, one must wonder (even come to respect) how they found time/resources to fund such finer finishes to these things over a century ago. And what of our legacy 50 years since Independence. Just musing…….. Neville.

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