The Bush

Shooting in a Rainforest can be fun, rewarding even, but there are some parts of Guyana that are not quite rainforest, where the variety of trees forms a tangle of verdant threads in a patchwork green tapestry, and it’s hard to take a photograph to show the scale or the beauty… this is where I like to think is the type of area most Guyanese generally call “the bush”; although to most of us coastland dwellers, the “bush is anywhere beyond the towns that have visible treelines blocking your view 🙂

This one was taken just past 58 Mile, Mabura area.  Even in this quick snap you can see a fair variety in the trees, of note is the scale of the vegetation to the vehicle disappearing up the road.


Canon EOS 6D, Canon EF 24-105 f/4L

Click on the image to see it in the Gallery.

7 thoughts on “The Bush

  1. Savita

    Nice photo. My maternal granddaddy who unfortunately died before l had sense enough to remembered him was a surveyor in those parts… Older folks who lives in Mabura probably know him or of him. It would be great to hear stories about his life while working there.. 🙂

  2. Rose

    Can we see the color version of this. The Black and white is fantastic but being a person who admires and love to see the seasonal changes in the trees of North America I would love to see the color. I know the area is vast but you make them come to life in your pictures.

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