2013 Deck – Week 31

I’d hate for a week to go by and not take a photo, not only would it halt the Deck Project, but I’d personally feel empty, but some weeks, the ones I do manage to take still leave me feeling that I should have tried to find more time to go further afield looking for something “extra”

That being said, there’s always something in the few that were taken, if I look at them with “fresh eyes” or just forget about what isn’t there and concentrate on what is…  This was one of those photos that at first glance I discarded, yet when scrolling through I thought I saw something that wasn’t there before.. not sure what it is, but I felt it differently… and processed it right away with that feeling…

I hope you like it.

Click on the image for a better view in the Gallery

2 thoughts on “2013 Deck – Week 31

  1. Every time you post about this kind of thing; the difficulty sometimes finding a good shot for a weekly post it brings me back to mind when I do the daily photo. I am glad I am not doing it again this year, it is a lot of pressure. Even though the weekly photo ought to be less pressure, somehow I don’t think it would be. Stick it out dude.

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