Sunset’s Ghostly Walker

I still think that some of my favourite photos are from my pre-DSLR days, but that is probably because those were the days of learning about photography… I’m still learning, but at a slower pace 🙂

Since switching to a DSLR, I found that I take less of the images that excited me back then… I take less Macro photos and I take less long exposures in the evening…

I’m sharing one of the those evening ones today,

Rupert Craig Highway, the Green Light you see there is the traffic light at the Conversation Tree junction.

October 22, 2008, 6:02pm  |  6s, f/8, ISO 80  |  Canon PowerShot S5 IS

Click on the image to see it in the Gallery, along with some other Sunset / Sunrise photos

4 thoughts on “Sunset’s Ghostly Walker

  1. I have a very similar impression. Unlike you, I was not particularly in love with the equipment I had to struggle with. I didn’t find a really good fit until the Pentax K7. But like you (and many others, no doubt) there was a great adventure in figuring things out, finding out how to get what you want on that frame.

    Becoming technically skilled has taken away some of the rush of that adventure of discovery, and the frequent feeling of accomplishment when you get things right.

    Now, it is more about the art, and delivering that frame that says what you want. It’s now more about the expression, and that is far harder and far more stingy with the reward. Of course, when you get it right at this stage, the reward can be much more fulfilling (if only it didn’t come so rarely).

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