A walk on the beach

A few Fridays back, I joined a few other photographers on a walk down to the large jetty (pier/groin) that marks the end of the Kingston seashore and the beginning of the Demerara River mouth.

As with all walks with photographers you go hoping to come back with a good image, or even a great one, yet when I downloaded my haul I was very disappointed, maybe I was hoping for too much.

Does this mean that the walk was not a success?  No.  It was what it was… a walk on the beach.  To be with friends, people with a similar pursuit, and enjoy the conversation, the breeze… that was enough.

All the photos were not horrible, but not jumped out at me, yet I decided to process at least one to make a show of reaping something from the toil of the harvest.

As I look at the image I processed, I wonder if this scene will get worse or better with the development of the new Hotel on the seashore.

Click on the image to see it in the Gallery along with other Seawall related photos

12 thoughts on “A walk on the beach

  1. Cynthia Preston

    I call these photo’s Father, Son and Holy Ghost pics, for the somethings, that generally appear in them. Like the Trinity the spectacular isn’t always available, but still there the everyday tree, whose sound in the breeze is the background noise to life.

  2. Dave

    Mike a beautiful photo as always. These imposing structures not only destroy our environment but also our culture, our heritage, social life … Someone that goes by the pen name Guyana Mosquito rote a beautiful article on facebook. Look for Guyana Mosquito.

    1. Thanks Dave, I’ve actually read a few of the Mosquito’s articles, once you get past the big words and finger-pointing, the articles are worth reading. Like everything else, you have to read them to appreciate the point of view, I may not always agree, but I can see their side

  3. Rose

    Looks like a very windy day. Need a hammock, a book and a cool drink. Hope the grounds of the building ends up with breath taking land scape.

  4. Groyne, unless you’re American 🙂 I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this photo, certainly a nice one. Maybe your expectations were too high. I’ve found if you go into these walks expecting just pleasant company, you often come out with with better photos than you expect 🙂

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