2012 Deck – Week 44

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and taking some photographs of the best female golfer in Guyana, Christine Sukhram.  Most of you know that I am not a Portrait Photographer, I am not comfortable with directing ad posing models, and it was also evident to me that Christine was much more comfortable out on the Golf Course than posing in front of the camera, but both times I was able to walk away with a few photos that even I was comfortable with, and with the feeling that I had stood in the presence of someone who was not only comfortable with what they did, but was great at it.

She won her first Guyana Open Golf Tournament title in 2006, and this year marked her sixth Championship title in that tournament, for someone who has had to juggle a day job and still remain at the top of her game is impressive, I can only imagine what she could achieve if she were to go Professional, but in Guyana, we all need our day jobs 🙂

For Week 44 of the Deck Project I chose one of the images I took of her, which was also used in a promotional billboard, I chose it not because it’s a great photo (I am personally never that happy with my portrait photos) but because she is a great person, a great golfer, and as Guyanese we should be proud of her.  Maybe one day she’ll be ranked internationally like her compatriot Nicolette Fernandes who has made us proud locally and internationally in Squash.

Click on the image above to see it in the Gallery.

8 thoughts on “2012 Deck – Week 44

  1. Roshinee Latchana

    She’s grown up alot since I first heard of her. But she has continually stood at the top of her game locally and it is definitely a wonderful achievement.
    Its a pretty good photo though Mike 🙂

  2. cecil beharry

    Hi Michael. Man the little lady does not strike me as a golfer. More like a nurse or a school teacher but what do I know about golfers. That’s very very impressive. Plus, you took a very nice photo. :o) We should have this little lady come to Ja to play in a tournament. I am willling to make a contribution in cash or kind. Regards. Cecil

    1. Carlton Joao

      We would be pleased to consider a proposal to let her have more exposure further afield in an effort to improve her game. I think she is becoming bored with Lusignan and its 9 holes. Great pic Prof.

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