Mother Church

I can’t speak for others, I can only speak for myself, and I want to mention how I remember someone who died this morning.  To me she was always Ma Cheong, not Mrs. Cheong, or Aunty Martha, but Ma Cheong.

For as long as I’ve known her in our parish community at the Cathedral, she has been a mother to many, her home (not her house) was always filled with young people, her children.  Whether they were her own flesh and blood, adopted, fostered, or just happen to be there as friends, church member or passing through, she treated all the same.

Although she may never be immortalized in stone, she will live on in those she was a mother to, her ideals, her thoughts, her wisdom will shine through those that she imparted them to.  To all of her children (and there are many of us who counted ourselves among them) I extend my condolences.

Like the statue of Our Lady that survived the fire which destroyed the original cathedral and now stands proudly at the Entrance to the current cathedral, I say to you her children and anyone who has known her, stand proud to have known and to have been loved by Ma Cheong.

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10 thoughts on “Ma

  1. Kim Nedd (daughter)

    Thank You Mike. It was very touching and beautiful tribute.
    Mom adopted for 5 days old. She will truely be miss…Words cannot express what she meant to me…

  2. StacyAnn

    Michael thanks for articulating our emotions at this time. It was indeed and honour to have shared time and space with Ma Cheong. The family she gave to us (Mayann, Kim, Andrea, Nicholas and all the others), I know will continue to give of her gift. R I P Ma Cheong.

  3. Cynthia Preston

    My sympathies to those who have lost a valued and well loved member of their community and family. May those who have lost her, remember her, through the spreading of her love and example. In this way love and goodness grows.

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