2011 Deck – Week 41

The month of October is earmarked in many countries as Breast Cancer Awareness month, and although I have quite a number of photos for the week, but I happen to think that this one has a more meaningful effect for me and for others.

While I do not normally go for these selective desaturated images, or the “accent colour” black and whites than some others do, but I thought that it was something that worked for this particular image.

The Beauty and Home Systems Inc. Guyana (the local Avon people) annually make a big deal of this and the wrap the trees lining the avenue down Camp Street with Pink cloth (possibly as a representation of the Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon), for a few years I have been meaning to stop and take a photograph, but never did until this year.

Click on the image for a better view in the Gallery.

8 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 41

  1. Andrew Chung

    I like photos like these where the scene is black and white but the subject of the photo is in colour. Just as a thought if you had the tripod you could have taken two one where the tree is in focus and the other where the background is in focus; then with some photo magic, combine these images. Just my two cents….

  2. Rose

    How do you do it? One of those things I would love to learn to do. As for the BREAST CANCER they have made very good strides in that field. May be if his wife had it he would understand. Sorry Mike but could not help it.

    1. Thanks A. Rose, some modern P&S cameras come with the feature now, but in post-processing there are a few ways, I use Adobe Lightroom, and there are sliders for the various colours, so I just slide the ones I don’t want down to nil 🙂

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