2011 Deck – Week 33

I had mentioned to someone that it has been a while since I tried a Panorama, or a panoramic image, so when I was with a few other photographers on a visit to the Stabroek Clock Tower, I decided to try one (or two).

Before I go farther, I thought I’d share a bit of information that I have.  I was once told (someone can help verify this) a few facts about the Stabroek Market building; the name comes from the area in which it is located, Stabroek, which is a Dutch name in origin, it was commissioned and erected by the British when they ruled Guyana (then British Guiana), and was bought or sourced from an American company out of the United States.

OK, back to the point of this post, the photo.  I took a sequence of photos starting from the North (my left) and panning right, this Panorama is comprised of seventeen (17) images, each taken in portrait orientation.

I forgot to do any correction for lens distortion prior to combining the images, so there is some chromatic aberration when viewed actual size.  I used Photoshop to combine the images, and minor processing in Lightroom.

Georgetown from the Stabroek Tower

6 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 33

  1. Stabroek the oldest ward in G’TOWN was established when the French in 1782 captured from the British the settlement at the mouth of the Demerara river – founded by Lieutenant Col Robert Kingston earlier when the Capital was at Borsellen up the Demerara River. This area – one mile and a quarter – extending eastward from the Dem River was encompassed by the two canals dug by slave labour along today’s Croal st and Hadfield with the Dam in between later Brickdam – was called Longchamps. The City became Stabroek Sept 14 1784 by the Dutch after Nicholas Geelvinck, 1732-1787 Lord of Stabroek, President of the Dutch West India Coy.
    April 29, 1812 the City became Georgetown from when the British ruled.
    Stabroek Market ( Big Market ) was built by an American Company – Nathaniel McKay – foundation stone laid July 1880 – and opened to the public unceremonioisly Nov 1, 1881. Ya think it easy!

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