2011 Deck – Week 31

I struggled with this selection, partially because I was busy, and also because I took quite a few photos that week (mainly a wedding), did some sight-seeing where the taxi-driver afforded me some “drive-by shooting” of some scenes  🙂

I could have stopped him to get better shots, but time is important and I didn’t want to waste his, but it did form a base of where I’d like to see when I go back!

The shot I chose is more Nikhil’s type of subject, but it was one even I couldn’t resist.  In the village of Suddie, this tank sits near the Police building and the Hospital, you just don’t see these tanks much these days.

I didn’t do much processing on this one, a crop to remove some distracting portions and to center it, and some added black, contrast and clarity.  Oops, that sounds like a lot to some people.

This tank is in remarkably good condition for its age, of course, I drew some strange stares from the people in the area, especially the security guards at the hospital  🙂

12 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 31

  1. You are right, I love it (and am jealous that I didn’t take it :). It is a very rare sighting, most of these have long since rusted away. Imagine the amount of work that would have gone into riveting or bolting all those panels together.

  2. davidsobik

    Hello Michael! Been too long for me. i have been a bit slow on my blogging of late and have missed my friends. Great to see your still going strong.

    I like this image. A guy over here started a whole lot of people shooting different stuff. He called it altered landscapes. everything from trash cans to industrial sites. I like the idea!

    Cheers mate have a good one.

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