2011 Deck – Week 17

I’m behind quite a bit in my posting and my blog reading, so before I get even further behind I thought I might as well just post this one before the work begins to pile up.

It’s a single image tone-mapped to get more detail from the scene.  It was taken in the early morning at Bounty Farm at Timehri.

Red Bench

Click on the image for a larger view at the gallery.

12 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 17

  1. My friend, you have to get your priorities straight. Working, feeding your family, paying the mortgage; these are all irrelevancies that need to take a back seat to the important stuff. Getting your blog posts out in time. The delay is unforgivable! 🙂

  2. It sucks Mike! Now I bet you were thinking I was talking about the image…nope, your priorities!! 😛 Get it right man or I will have to come down there and whip ya into shape (like I can talk, I’ve been slacking on the posting/commenting as well).

    Love the reflection as well as the “weeping” palm, great framing if you ask me!

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