Mashramani 2011 – Republic Day

Republic Day, a day of celebration, we govern ourselves, no longer under imperial rule; some say that was a mistake, but it happened 41 years ago, sometime before I was born, so it’s all academic to me.  Mashramani is the adopted celebration of Republic Day, celebrating a crop that’s harvested, a job completed; or in this day an age, just a big bacchanal, a reason to go out and party, to see the costumes and floats, both governmental and private sector.

Things to remember next year (if I choose to go out):  SUNSCREEN, lots of water, and a really big flexible hat that won’t interfere with the camera in front my face.

Because of the recent rains, the “mall” where people usually walk and eat, picnic and party, was soggy, so they chose to walk alongside the bands, this was not good for a photographer, getting s decent shot was hard, so I took as many as were allowed, getting lots of spoilage in the process  🙂

I’ve chosen a tetrad of images for this blog post, those are by no means representative of the full gallery, but I had to choose something 🙂  Click on the image to go to the full gallery.

I hope you view the gallery and let me know which ones you like, commenting on the gallery is as easy as commenting here  🙂

In an attempt to explain Mashramani to someone recently I had to use comparisons, so lets just say that it has similar roots to Trinidad’s Carnival, Rio’s Carnival and Louisiana’s Mardi Gras; well, less Mardi Gras and more Carnival 🙂

13 thoughts on “Mashramani 2011 – Republic Day

  1. It is the toughest situations that make the best photographs. Forces you to improvise and try new things. Having said that, I think the gallery is very good. A bit on the plentiful side (for me) but entertaining. Made me feel as though I was there.

  2. cecil beharry

    Hi Michael
    Thanks for the photos. Great pictures. You sure captured the mood. I will try to be there next year, god spare life

  3. James

    Great collection – looks like you had a great Mash! I remember the feeling of being there in that heat, with blinding light everywhere – except on the faces you want it on as it’s coming straight down! Well done for getting so many great shots.

  4. Tony McGurk

    Hi Michael. Thanks for visiting my blog. Just been browsing through your posts & you have some amazing photos. You are a very talented photographer. Great work.

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