I’m a bit under the weather, so just a quick one to tide me over.

In almost every village area in Guyana, you either have walking, riding or driving vendors crying out their “wares”, I think some of the famous ones are “Broom Here!!!”, “Papers! Papers!, Kaieteur, Chronicle, Stabroek, Times! Papers!” and of course “Chips! Chips! Chips!, fresh chips!

Maybe I’ll get the others another time, but for now here’s one of the Chips salesmen  🙂



Click on the image to see it larger on the site, and of course, browse the sight at will  🙂

19 thoughts on “Chips!

  1. You forgot “crawbe” (crab here) :). Sometimes these things are so much a part of everyday life that we barely see them anymore. Good that you are always on the lookout to revive what has become mundane into something exotic.

  2. Cecil Beharry

    Hi Michael
    Looking closely at the photograph, on the man’s face, I get the feeling I can tell a little of the man’s personality. This is beacuse you captured the scene/mood very well
    Kind regards

  3. What kind of chips was he selling? And I LIKE that shirt! Is that some sort of floral print on the inside? Was he on a bike? The way he’s sitting forward and turned to the side makes me think so …

    Good shot, by the way – and I’m glad you’re feeling better today.

    1. Thanks EFP, you are correct, he is on a bike, I zoomed closer for effect. I think he had, Plaintain and Cassava chips that day. I believe he had a rag around his neck on the inside of the shirt, blue and white, its how out there 🙂

  4. davidsobik

    I love street photography, its a pity we don’t see much of this type of thing here.

    Well captured Michael, hope the weather moves on and your feeling better!

    Cheers mate.

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