Sunset at Ogle

Sunset at Ogle

I had just decided to upload this, and then I gave it a title…  Giving it a title brought forth a torrent of emotion.  Yesterday I said farewell to my sister-in-law and niece, Areza and Ariel, and in a few months I will be saying the same to my brother André.  They have lived at Ogle for all of Ariel’s life and as soon as I titled that image “Sunset at Ogle” I realized that their family is having their sunset at ogle all too soon.

Ariel is my first niece, Areza is my first sister-in-law, André is my first brother, it is strange how those things happen.  My parental family may not be the perfect family, but we grew up together, had and have our differences, but at day’s end we are family.  I count myself fortunate, in that my brothers and sisters are not just my siblings, they have grown to be my friends, André and Nicholas are the closest of these, but that’s because we grew up like the Three Musketeers, inseparable, always fighting, always in mischief.

If you click on the image and see it at the site slightly larger, you’ll see three figures walking towards the sunset, two adults and a child.  Serendipity.  This photograph is not of them, but I dedicate it to them, as the sun sets on Ogle.

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