The Deck – Week 29

This week was a poor week for photography for me, didn’t take too many photographs  🙂

The deck photo is not the best photo that I’ve taken all week, but it is unusual for me, so that’s the reason for its choice.  Aesthetically, it may not be pleasing to everyone, or as we say, not everyone’s “cup of tea”.  I went to accompany Nikhil again, and not having too much time, we took a short visit to the Promenade Gardens again.  I wasn’t in the mood for photography, but Nikhil said I couldn’t go and not take something, so after shooting a few things; a flower here a leaf there, I followed him to a spot where he would eventually get his photo of the day for his 365 Project, and the sun coming through the fabric of some leaves caught my eye.

When I put the camera to my eye, there was a spectrum of colours in the light rays that showed in the viewfinder and I was just hopeful that it would also appear that way when I snapped the photograph, to be sure I tried a few different exposures.  When peering through th eyepiece of the camera directly into the light it does appear more vibrant, but I think I caught the nice effect that grabbed my attention in the first place.

Promenade Gardens, Georgetown, Guyana

3 thoughts on “The Deck – Week 29

  1. Rose

    I see what you are talking about. I would have missed that if you did not mention it. I was looking more so at the color of the leaves on the tree. Very striking.

  2. Cheryl Velez

    This is a great shot! The amber color of the leaves is unique and accentuates the warmth that I can imagine the sun was sending your way. 😉

    I haven’t ventured into sunsets yet in my own photography. The colors I naturally gravitate toward are prominent in sunsets. Being on the east coast and surrounded by trees, it’s difficult to get a “great” sunset shot that will really pull in all those beautiful colors. Perhaps it will require some travel!

  3. Mike, what am I to do now that you are gone on vacation? Am I going to have to find photos on my own 🙂

    I am so pleased you got such a good shot, I was genuinely worried that I keep dragging you away from work and you might not have been seeing any benefits.

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