Black and White HDR – Good Hope July 2010

This particular HDR image needs an explanation, so here it is (well, maybe it doesn’t need one, but you’re going to get it anyway.  I went up to Good Hope on the East Coast of Demerara to pick up my family who were visiting with my in-laws for the day, after saying my hellos and pleasantries, I wandered back to the front of the yard and saw this amazing sky, I wanted to capture it as soon as I could.

A few things contributed to this being almost impossible, it was already getting dark and I did not have my tripod with me, and I wanted to get this in HDR, a standard shot just wouldn’t convey the sky that I was seeing, from ground level it was great, but the view of the sky with just the houses in front of me wasn’t appealing, so I ran upstairs with my camera.  I quickly set the camera for my multiple exposures and proceeded to snap the shots, but the first thing I noticed was that the place was so dark I ended up with longer exposures than I intended.  MY “normal shot was a half second, the underexposed one was one-eight of a second and the over-exposed shot was two seconds, all hand-held.  and then when I reviewed the images I notices a “fogginess” in the image, when I checked the lens there was a lot of condensation on it, I figured this was disastrous, the images would be totally spoiled under that combination of conditions.

When I downloaded the images I thought that I couldn’t get anything useful out of them, they were all blue, exposure was “iffy” and I wasn’t even sure that it was worth trying.  But I thought, I went to all that trouble (and exercise, running up those stairs was serious cardiovascular for a desk-jockey) I should see what the HDR software could make of it.  My first combination wasn’t too promising, but after adjusting some settings, I liked the resulting image, the colour was terrible though, so I though that even though it was not what I intended, this could very well work out to be my second Black and White HDR, I had done one before that actually made it into The Editor’s Collection – Best of HDRs at, if you can’t spot my image its Orinduik Falls Black and White, I am rather proud of that achievement, small though it may be.

All that being said, after I used Nik Silver Effects to do my Black and White conversion using some high structure, I liked the outcome and decided that I liked it enough to share it.  🙂

Click on the image to go to the site.

Black and White HDR - Good Hope, ECD, Guyana

4 thoughts on “Black and White HDR – Good Hope July 2010

  1. Too many photographers are so pleased with themselves at what they produce that they will never tell you how the did it. I have to say, as interesting as the photo is, I find the “how” adds quite a bit to the story told by the image.

    Very interesting.

  2. Antoinette

    i agree with Nik..the ‘how’ makes the picture all the more interesting to me:) It is an amazing photo, i;ve always had a thing for dramatic skies. But i can imagine that those two wires must have really annoyed you:)

  3. Rose

    Good point about the wires. At first glance I thought it was cut into three parts. I like how the skies look as if there was a “black hole” and the clouds were going to disappear into it.

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