A Trip to Bamboo Landing

Back in March of this year, we were fortunate enough to get an invitation to go along with my brother to visit a forestry concession in the Berbice area, the main location was at Bamboo Landing, where we visited the first day, then we traveled onto the base camp at Charabaru where we spent the night.

One of the main reasons for going was to see a Harpy Eagle in its natural habitat, Rommel (who runs the concession) explained that they had found at least two sites in the concession where there were Harpy nests and they had stopped all work in those areas to preserve the habitats.  It is nice to find that type of thinking in this age when more and more people think only of the dollar.

We were hopeful of seeing the Harpy eagle, but not too optimistic, since we had heard stories of people looking for hours and not seeing one.  We were luck, we saw two of them,

TWO!  And then I realized that I am not equipped for Bird photography, I need a sponsor for bigger lenses  🙂  But, as someone once pointed out to me, a

Harpy Eagle

poor photograph is better than none, so I can proudly proclaim that I have photographs of the Harpy Eagle in its natural habitat.

The concession also has its own farming areas, so the photographs in the album on my site reflect quite a diversity of images.  I have already used some images from that trip in previous posts in the blog, those covered monochromes and HDRs, these are strictly general type photographs, no special post-processing.

The Harpy eagles were sighted in the early morning and, as chance would have it, the only way we could see him, was facing due east, towards the morning sun, I guess you really can’t have everything, at least we saw them.

I hope to get another chance sometime to visit the area again, it really is very nice and peaceful and full of opportunities.

Visit the album at A Trip to Bamboo Landing

2 thoughts on “A Trip to Bamboo Landing

  1. Great Work Mike. I always heard of Bamboo Landing and now through your lens I feel like I know a bit more about it. Thank you for sharing the pictures

  2. You know, my 2 non-professional interests are photography and writing/reading. So the whole blogging thing is of a fair bit of interest to me.

    I am finding it almost as interesting reading about the process you use as looking at your photographs.

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