Down the Aisle

I recently picked up my DXO One to start back some street photography, a genre I like but can never quite get right, and I do like the Black and White feel to many of the images I do take while trying out this particular genre.

Before, during and after the holidays, we made a few visits to various supermarkets, although many of the Chinese-owned supermarkets tend to be smaller than the larger chain ones, I’ve found that depending on when we go, its not too crowded, and during these Covid times, I feel more comfortable with less crowds, it does limit the variety of people I may get into the frame, but it also helps to simplify the frame a bit.

As with any of these things there are Pros and Cons 🙂 As I hadn’t used the DXO One in a while, my comfort with the field of view was not quite there and I got many many spoilt shots, but a few did work quite well for me.

Top Shelf – 21-1837 – Shot with DXO ONE
22-1880 – Shot with DXO ONE
Browse – 22-1881 – Shot with DXO ONE
In Colour – 22-1910 – Shot with DXO ONE

I don’t often leave Street photos in colour, but every so often I find it works well with the composition. Click on the images to see them in the Gallery with other images “In the Streets”

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