2013 Deck – Week 33

The coastal seawalls of Guyana are definitely one of my favourite places to be,  I’ve seen life anew, life renewed and life’s farewell there…  I’ve seen families relaxing, fishermen working and many other activities of our coastal culture…. I’ve seen the sun rise and the sun set and I’ve seen scenes that I’ve failed to capture in photographs.

This blog is a bit of a ramble… just warning you 🙂

I’ve been visiting the seawalls, from Kingston to parts along the coast; Buxton, Lusignan, Plaisance, Montrose… just to name a few places…  even Mariah’s Lodge and other parts along the Essequibo coast… and at each spot there is something new to see, but the feeling is usually the same to me.  Whether I’m alone, or with friends or family, I could feel an almost instant sense of relaxation as I step towards the shore and feel the wind upon my face…

I’d hate for others to be offended, but whether I’m with others or not, I feel alone… not in a lonely sense but in a sense of self… I feel unencumbered and free…

I can walk along the beach with my best friend, engrossed in conversation… and still feel it…  I can sit upon the wall with all my extended family… and still feel it, I could sit alone upon a rock and the feeling would be no less nor no more…  Can I photograph that feeling? No.  I think you either know what I mean, or you don’t.

This photo reminds me of that feeling… A man alone with his horse, walking the shore.

Click on the link to see it in the Gallery.

2 thoughts on “2013 Deck – Week 33

  1. cecil beharry

    Hi Mike. This is your line. “This photo reminds me of that feeling… A man alone with his horse, walking the shore.” You are so right about it. Even the feeling you have when you are on the seawall, I am sure are felt by others too. Nice photo. I love it. As the old saying goes. “A picture is worth a 1000 words” :-o), Thanks. Cecil

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