The time in Barbados is short, so I am spending more time enjoying it than writing about it  🙂  Yesterday was my parents’ fortieth wedding anniversary, as they were here in Barbados visiting my sister (their daughter), we had a celebration here for them.  Joan (said sister/daughter) had arranged to have Bishop Dickson stop by to renew their Marriage Vows, with us present, along with Joan’s sister-in-law’s family (our family now 🙂 )  and a couple who are friends with Joan and Gerard (did you guess that this was Joan’s husband?  no?), and who were also originally from Guyana.

So, just to keep the blog going for today, I’m putting up a few photo of my parents from Yesterday…..  🙂

While the little gathering was done in the afternoon, we didn’t spend all day doing nothing, we’re in Barbados after all, every direction you look, there’s a beach  🙂

Clicking on these won’t carry you to my Gallery, these are more of a personal nature  🙂

This is how we do it 🙂

12 thoughts on “40

  1. Rose

    Lovely Mike. The parents and the props look lovely, I must say that this trip seem to have made them both look rested and so much younger and healthier. Wouldn’t say happier as they always look that way. :-)) Here’s to many more happy years.

  2. Lolita

    This is awesome! May God continually bless this family with love, prosperity, longer life with greath health and togetherness. 🙂

  3. cecil beharry

    Hello Michael
    Man, you family reunion closed in a very beautiful way. WoW, your mom and dad celebrating 40 years with a family gathering and in B/Dos on the beach and in the sea. I too wish them many more happy healthy years. Kind regards. Cecil

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