Rear View

I’m on vacation!

And I brought the camera with me  🙂

We’re staying the first few days with my Uncle and his family, as we sat down on his back porch I couldn’t help admire the view into the hills, I sat there and almost didn’t bother to get up to take this photo.

It was getting into the afternoon and I was seeing the sun cast its light upon the hills, and hearing the voices of my family (a bit extended now) as they chatted, and in the background, the sound of the water running down the hill (there’s a small river below the houses)

Like my home country of Guyana, Jamaica is a land of so much diversity, and this peaceful quiet atmosphere is just one of them  🙂

My first photo from Jamaica is a nice quiet peaceful scene,from the back porch  (doorway leading down to the River), showing the distant hills, the sun-kissed greenery on them and the blue skies over the Caribbean Sea, with Alamander flowers in the foreground.

5 thoughts on “Rear View

  1. cecil beharry

    Hello Michael
    Man, you have to be careful how you describe your subject matter. When I saw the subject “rear view” I said Oh oh, the professor has some dare in him. This I got to see. Turns out I was pleasantly surprised to see a beautuful photo but not the rear view I was kind of expecting (smile) . The photo is beautiful, so I am not dissapointed. Regards. Cecil

  2. Cynthia Preston

    Beautiful! I too am on holiday visiting two of my daughters on a Island. It has been hot enough for the Caribbean, and last night we went for a walk on a rocky beach trail unfortunately I didn’t take my camera, as we had gone to see the pixar movie Brave 3D but my youngest daughter took some great photos with her excellent cell phone.
    Have a great holiday in Jamaica!

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