2012 Deck – Week 23

I’ve heard people say (this would be either in person, in books or on television) that they can tell a lot about a person by “certain things”, like their shoes, their watch, their friends, what they read, etc. etc. etc.

I’m sure some psychiatrist / psychologist / psychic can probably try that, I won’t even think of trying, given the wide range of books that I’ve read so far, I’d probably be classified as insane or at least as having no particular taste….  I was going to indicate here what I have read, in a broad sense, but I think I’ll keep the idea of me being insane to a minimum for now.

Recently they were tidying and packing up some books that belonged to persons of significance in Guyana’s history, the books belonged to Forbes and Viola Burnham.  They have both died, Viola outliving her husband by a number of years.  Forbes (Linden Forbes Sampson) Burnham, was the second president of Guyana, although he preferred to be known as the first Executive President, that made Viola the First Lady of the time.  Under his presidency our country saw a lot of change, mainly the change that means losing what was then known as British Guiana to the new identity known today (and I use “today” to span the last 30 years) as Guyana.  The politics of it I will avoid, as there is no end to that type of discussion (it’s as bad as or worse than discussing religion).

A few books on the table caught my eye and I took a photograph, I just thought it strange to see those titles together, or maybe not so strange?  🙂

Forbes was quite likely Guyana’s greatest orator, one of the brightest, some of the books I saw were prizes won by him through his school years, and all looked “read”, not for show.

Due to the condition of the dust covers, some of the titles are not complete; they are:  Picket and the Pen, Jurisprudence, Mauritania and Profile of a Prodigy.

For anyone trying to “read” anything into this, it’s just a photograph, honestly!

4 thoughts on “2012 Deck – Week 23

  1. Who’s the “they” that were packing up the books? Those are beautiful looking books, by the way. That is the way books should look, like they have been used. And when I say used, I don’t mean as decoration.

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