2012 Deck – Week 21

Georgetown is changing, every day; some may say it is for the better, newer buildings, more businesses, a boost to the economy, others look at it as a neglect of the traditional, our history, our heritage and, ultimately, our past.

While others countries, even other Caribbean nations, strive to preserve and maintain the “Heritage” buildings, our politicians can’t seem to grasp the idea of Tourism generated by the longing to see just such buildings, they apparently think that tourists come here just to see the Kaieteur Falls.

Although my photograph for this week is not one of the exalted buildings, I think the point can be made that there are many buildings worthy of being preserved, saved and cherished.

There is a Heritage Building Corridor that runs through the heart of historic Georgetown, it stretches from the head of High Street where the building that houses the Canadian High Commission marks the first notable Historic building, and stretches down through Main street and into Avenue of the Republic where the Parliament buildings and Saint Stanislaus’ College mark the end of the designated corridor.

Among the numerous buildings in the corridor are the Prime Minister’s Ressidence, Red House, City Hall, the Demerara Mutual building, City Hall, Cameron and Shepherd, The Victorian Law (High) Court and St Andrew’s Kirk.  The National Trust of Guyana has earmarked twenty-four sites along the corridor as Heritage sites.  Some are kept in good condition, whilst others are falling steadily into disrepair.

This photograph is of a junction off the corridor, and while it may not be a historically important building, or of architectural value, it shows that many buildings are ageing, and unlike rum, some of which are said to be “aged to perfection”, this one has passed its prime, and is definitely somewhere the other side of perfection 🙂

4 thoughts on “2012 Deck – Week 21

  1. Georgetown used to be a relatively pretty city. You could always depend on being surprised by some charming building tucked away out of immediate sight. Sadly, it is slowly but surely going away.

    I’m sure you remember that old wooden building at the corner of New Market & Waterloo. Dilapidated paintwork, but still sturdy looking structure; now replaced by this hideously orange monstrosity.

    This one will be gone soon enough too, the one opposite (?) has recently gone too.

  2. Lauren Grant

    Sentiments shared. Good to know you are knowledgeable about “Georgetown’s Heritage Trail”, The National Trust is pushing for World Recognition of the general area along Avenue of the Republic from Hadfield Street to Pegasus (as mentioned above). This is through UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). The Trust has begun the process of seeking Inscription on UNESCO’S World Heritage List. Sad to say that they are plagued with alot of short falls making such a possibility almost non existent.
    I details and facts to support this just make contact at anala4life@yahoo.com.

    1. Thanks Lauren, I think the National Trust is doing a good job considering their limitations, and the governing bodies are so involved in”politics” that they don’t seem to care much for the History and Heritage of the people and the place they claim to serve.

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