2012 Deck – Week 5

There are some weeks when you have a number of photographs, many that are technically better than others, yet you keep going back to one in particular which, although not the best composed, or the best exposed, nor the best focused image, it seems to demand from you that extra bit of attention.

This image is one such image for me, I had a few that were better, nicer, prettier, more appealing generally, but this one I liked more.  The focus was not on the “obvious” subject, and for that reason I almost decided not to use it, but it appeals to me, it is an image that says something more than the others that I took this week.

If it speaks to you, then I am happy, if it doesn’t, then I fully understand 🙂

Sands... and Time

10 thoughts on “2012 Deck – Week 5

  1. Trace Persaud

    True Mike, I share your views entirely. Some Photos just grab our attention somehow and captivates us in ways we sometimes don’t even understand, and we ask the question why. I love this photo, it speaks to me on so many different levels. I look at this and I feel so peaceful, calm and serene, as if I’m in a different time and place.

  2. cecil beharry

    Hello Michael. Greetings from Kingston. Very happy you discovered this little secret in Guyana and sharing it with us. Please don’t let anyone go and build a house or anything there.
    PS. I will be there for the annual safari

  3. I know the feeling! Still, I think it’s telling that often, when I put these shots on my blog, they provoke a response from a lot of people. Perfect technique is overrated 🙂

    I like this – the rock and the splash of green in the foreground look like wings …

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