2011 Deck – Week 28

For years I have had the job description of a “Computer Graphic Artist”, I can honestly say I don’t think I deserve that title, I am not an artist, I can’t draw to save my life!  I know some computer software programs that help in “artistic” layouts, so that’s what I do  🙂  And apparently, successfully, at least for a number of years now!

If someone were to say that my “vision” of the product I am trying to create using those software was artistic, I’ll take it as a compliment, and if someone were to say that I have used that artistic vision and adapted it to my photography, I would also take that as a compliment  🙂  My first “artistic” job under that title was under Bernard Ramsay, and I learnt more about layouts and type-style usage from him than at any other time in my life, I helped to bring the Computer into his business (which was mostly hand-done even then), but he helped shape the “artistry” in me.

Even before then when I did small posters or flyers for the church, or Posters for the National Cultural Center for the late, great Lloyd Grannum, it was the encouragement of those that I did those things for that helped shape me.

As a side-note, Lloyd Grannum was probably one of the greatest men to ever walk this earth (in my humble opinion), his outlook on life, love and his laughter always made me feel that this simple man, with a simple job and a simple family life, had more greatness in a smile than I would ever achieve in my lifetime, and that feeling has never changed.

Back to the topic of artists!  During the recent Squash tournament that took so much of my time away from my work and my “casual” photography, there was an Opening Ceremony for the event, and just before that ceremony, one of the female squash players of the Guyanese team did some “face-painting” for the members for the team.  She is an Artist (yes, with a capital “A”).  A talented young lady, who comes from a very talented family, I think every member of their family expresses “art” in one way or another, simply amazing!!!

She is Gigi!  watch out for her, she is destined for greatness in art.  My Deck photo this week is of her in action, while painting faces may not be very glamorous, this was not only about the art!  It was about Squash, about Team, about Compadres and Friends, about Expression, and Patriotism!


9 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 28

  1. Lovely portrait. I have a considerably more relaxed definition of artist than you do it appears 🙂 If you limit artists only to people who can draw, then you will make many musicians, sculptors, writers and others quite unhappy 🙂

    Anyway, whatever your definition, by my definition you fit the bill.

  2. Rose

    One usually associates the word Artist with a paint brush and paint. Your friend is correct in today’s world it is associated with many more areas than what the word ART brings to mind. Wish Gigi well in her endeavors. Her face speaks of her love of art.

  3. Hey Mike, sorry I’ve been missing in my blog visiting action lately. I have never though of you as not being an artist, your artistic talents just lay in a different medium than what the “norm” is considered (drawing, painting, ya know…the norm). 😀

    I love how focused she is when painting, really wonderful image.

    1. Thanks David, I think in this I am more “guilty” than you are, things just seem to get busy right when you want to put more time into some particular aspect of your life 🙂 Thanks for the compliment 🙂 I think Nikhil does more “artsy” type photos, but I am more artsy than standard I guess, 🙂

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