Interestingly enough I had loads and loads of photographs of insects when I shot with the Canon S5IS bridge camera, but since I have been shooting with the T1i SLR, I have very few, very very few, as a matter of fact this is the first that I’ve uploaded to my site and I had to create a gallery just for it  🙂

I think that because the S5 had a very good Macro mode and an even better Super Macro mode, I experimented more with them and with the usual victims of those modes, insects.  Also, I had bought “add-on” macro lenses from Raynox that really had me doing some nice experimenting  🙂  Now that I use the SLR, I am longing for a good Macro lens, and I dream about the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS macro regularly  🙂  (anyone feeling generous, I won’t refuse a gift)

Anyway, enough of the dreaming, here’s the insect I mentioned…


Hang on!

Click on the image for a better view in the Gallery, he’s there all by himself.

I took this the same day last week when I took the one I posted for the Deck, so some might say this is more appealing, but the Lotus Flower fit my mood at the time  🙂

16 thoughts on “Insects

  1. cecil beharry

    Hi Michael
    This butterfly must love being photographed or you must have a way with butterflies. Really super nice photograph. The bright colours of the butterfly and the flowers, so well captured against the blurred background. I love it. Stay good. Cecil

    1. Hey Cecil, I think he/she/it was busy clinging to the plant as there were some high winds, so I got him/her/it, but all the other shots were blurred because of the high winds 🙂
      When are you going to be in GT? you’re still doing the Safari, right?

  2. Well that certainly came out pretty amazing, and I know exactly what you mean about macro on a DSLR… It’s just nowhere near as convenient is it… I have a macro lens, and don’t use it anywhere near as much as I should, or did on my bridge camera… You captured a beautiful shot here though..

    1. Thanks Brian, I was amazed that I got that with the tele, and that it was sharp enough to use (not perfect, but passably) 🙂 THe more I think on it, the more I believe that not only do I need to get a proper Macro lens, but a macro flash too… damn, more expenditure.

  3. Beautiful shot, Michael – macro lens or not. Like you, I have been drooling over a particular macro lens for quite some time, but they are not cheap and I have a baby on the horizon to think about! My other passion is gardening and, more specifically, butterfly gardening, so I love this shot and subject. In fact, I should have about fifty milkweed plants in the garden this year to attract many more gals like the one you photographed!

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