2011 Deck – Week 11

I’ve been feeling a bit depressed this week, probably a combination of factors, and not a feeling I am familiar with.  I need to leave it behind, but maybe the photo for this week will reflect some of that in it.

As befitting the week, I only shot photos on one day, so I didn’t have much of a variety to choose from, there were two I favoured, so I chose one and hope that someone other than myself would like it, although it is the more “depressing” of the two, I preferred it overall, I will post the other image in a later post.


Losing it

14 thoughts on “2011 Deck – Week 11

  1. Michael- I really like this photo showing the petal in the wind. It’s not depressing to me, it’s a clever shot. But when you might be feeling depressed, then suddenly things around you seem depressing. I wish you better days ahead. Maybe if you have good photo day, it can be uplifting. I have days like these too!

  2. eremophila

    Given the world events, I think this image is most appropriate, and symbolic. In fact, I was tempted to post a similar image at one point….
    May your heart be lighter this coming week:-)

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