The Deck – Week 46

It’s been another crazy week, somehow not finding the time to do certain things, like check out other photography blogs and process some of my photos.  I took photographs on only three days this week, so one of them had to work for this week’s Deck Photo.

It has been a while since I tried out my Macrography (or Macro Photography), and since I came upon a moth recently in the house, I was quick to grab the opportunity to try some out.  Since I don’t have a nice Canon Macro Lens, I went the old route, I grabbed my 18-55 Kit lens and my Raynox M250 Macro Lens, snapped them on together on the camera and experimented with the subject.

I didn’t have a lighting option available to me, neither softbox nor macro flash, so I was relying on natural sunlight, with it being an overcast day, that wasn’t too helpful either, but I think I got a good shot none-the-less.

I have the Raynox lenses from when I shot with the Canon PowerShot S5, and I love them both, the 250 is a larger magnification, so since I was only using a maximum of 55mm on the kit lens, I went for that one, how they work is that you screw in the Raynox lens onto an adapter and snap it onto the front of the camera lens.

Here’s a portion of the moth’s wing:


Macro of Moth Wing - Canon 18-55mm with Raynox M250 Macro Lens

8 thoughts on “The Deck – Week 46

  1. I guess you didn’t get anything you liked last night on Main Street. Pity, I will looking forward to seeing your different take on the scenery.

    On the other hand, it is always nice to dredge up old equipment you might not have used in a while to get a fresh perspective. I find it almost always inspires you.

  2. davidsobik

    Brilliant brilliant macro here Michael! I also like how your have used other methods to gain the macro. Years ago every one just screwed on close up filters or reversed their lenses.

    Cheers mate!

  3. Sarah

    Lovely soft lighting and a refreshing change of subject too, Michael. This DEFINITELY doesn’t rate as “just plodding through to the end of the year!” I hope December is a good photographic month. You deserve a lucky break.

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