The Deck – Week 44

How I started the project for the 2010 Deck, the photographic week ends on a Thursday, this last Thursday also happened to be the day before a national holiday in Guyana, a Hindu festival called Diwali or Deepavali (pronounced Deepawlee).  There is also an annual event on the night before Diwali, the Diwali Motorcade, featuring lots of illuminated vehicles.

Although the image I have decided to use for this week’s Deck Photo is not the best image for the week, I thought that I should use something representative of the Holiday.  Moving night photography is definitely not my thing  🙂

This is a portion of the winning “float” of the night, it was from the Edward B. Beharry Group of Companies, and executed beautifully by Andrew Arts.

Diwali Motorcade 2010

7 thoughts on “The Deck – Week 44

  1. I had the same conundrum last night. Should I use the Diwali picture or the better picture. My wife made the decision for me 🙂 I’ve put up the Diwali photo too, but I don’t know where to put it. I think you made a good choice going with the motorcade photo.

  2. Sarah

    Good choice Michael- execution isn’t everything, and I think this image shows a nice range of emotions and levels of engagement with Diwali. Interesting in cultural and human terms.

  3. There were times that I felt “everyday shot/post should be a master piece” – but it doesn’t have to be that way 😉

    Like this float shot. Thanks for sharing things happening in your part of the world.

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