Market Day

You can call this an introduction to a new album I decided to start. Β Part of Nikhil’s fascination with Street Photography led us into the market area at Bourda, and since I am less of a street photographer and more of a non-human subject type person, I took more of the items being sold than the persons selling them Β πŸ™‚ Β So, I decided to start a Market album, it may not go far, or if Nik drags me screaming and kicking into the markets again, it might grow Β πŸ™‚

Just one stall

20 thoughts on “Market Day

  1. Hey! Loving the depth of field and all the bright popping colours… I can’t decide between no. 2 and 5 as my fave. Maybe 5 though. Nice series!

  2. I do think it makes for interesting photography. I have taken some similar shots, but haven’t done anything with them. Great job here. Love the color and the atmosphere portrayed through the cardboard signs. very good.

  3. Love them all. I wish I could get some of those fresh looking vegetables. Everything looks so healthy. I think “just one stall” would make a beautiful picture for a dining room wall. It will also remind one that eating vegetables are very important in life. Now I am waiting for the fruits.

    1. I am also a bit pensive about street photography and taking photos of people on the streets. I asked a friend of mine about the legality of it and he (being a lawyer) informed me that here in Guyana (as in most commonwealth countries) there is not Right to or expectation of privacy if you are in a public place. So in that case we do not need consent forms etc. Of course, if someone doesn’t want their photograph taken then we should not do so either. A good resource is at, but the laws vary from country to country.

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