Market Day

You can call this an introduction to a new album I decided to start. Β Part of Nikhil’s fascination with Street Photography led us into the market area at Bourda, and since I am less of a street photographer and more of a non-human subject type person, I took more of the items being sold than the persons selling them Β πŸ™‚ Β So, I decided to start a Market album, it may not go far, or if Nik drags me screaming and kicking into the markets again, it might grow Β πŸ™‚

Just one stall

20 thoughts on “Market Day

  1. azadine

    Hey! Loving the depth of field and all the bright popping colours… I can’t decide between no. 2 and 5 as my fave. Maybe 5 though. Nice series!

  2. Rose

    Love them all. I wish I could get some of those fresh looking vegetables. Everything looks so healthy. I think “just one stall” would make a beautiful picture for a dining room wall. It will also remind one that eating vegetables are very important in life. Now I am waiting for the fruits.

    1. I am also a bit pensive about street photography and taking photos of people on the streets. I asked a friend of mine about the legality of it and he (being a lawyer) informed me that here in Guyana (as in most commonwealth countries) there is not Right to or expectation of privacy if you are in a public place. So in that case we do not need consent forms etc. Of course, if someone doesn’t want their photograph taken then we should not do so either. A good resource is at, but the laws vary from country to country.

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