Hello world!

I was inspired by my friend Tricia, whose WordPress blog I follow.

I think that a blog is probably a nice idea to assist my website where I put some of my photography.

Welcme and I do look forward to your comments on my future posts.

3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Michelle

    Michael, you’ve sure come a long way. I like what I see and your progress. Great photographs and an opportunity to see what I don’t get to every day. Some of which are becoming like a fog because of the absence of it but I do miss from my home country. So it’s always refreshing to see. Good and bad alike. 🙂 I like the blog site you’ve started. A great way to be in touch and up to date.

  2. Hey…

    I’m excited to have a WordPress friend… lol.

    Always glad to hear folks embrassing their inner writer. Perhaps it will also inspire me to update more often… at present I suck! 😀

    But your blog is already busy and exciting! Congrats

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