The Deck – Week 26

I think that, if I calculated correctly, I am now halfway through The Deck  🙂

This week’s image was taken on one of those “walkabouts” I sometimes do with Nikhil.   We had decided to go into a part of Queenstown and walk a couple blocks.  That part of Georgetown has always had some picturesque areas, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the walk.

This image was of a corner building that was being brightly illuminated by the afternoon sunshine, and its colours are part of what we in the Caribbean had become accustomed to seeing, nicely sprinkled amidst the “normal” white buildings. (click on the image to go to the site itself)

As was pointed out to me recently, only when we Caribbean people travel to the “Great North” do we miss our colourful heritage; this image is an appreciation of parts of that heritage, from the colours to the “Demerara shutters”

I am proud to be a Guyanese, and like the great Dave Martins referred to it, I have my “Caribbean Belly”