Where to look for something to photograph

Originally, I had often thought that to use a location or subject that you are comfortable with is the ideal thing if you are looking for something to photograph, but, for me, because of the familiarity with the location or subject everything looks “normal“, nothing inspires you to take the photograph and you think to yourself, there’s nothing here that interests me.

It’s always the same, you see these items or these scenes everyday and you are so familiar with them that there’s nothing “special”  about it that demands that you photograph it, nothing looks unusual enough, or stands out from the norm that would entice you to take a photograph.

The solution? Get out, go somewhere different, the change in scenery inevitably does the trick.

Nikhil and I have developed a habit of, every now and then, getting out of the office and take a midday walk, other than just getting away from the toll of everyday work, it gives us an opportunity to get some fresh air and also see what is out there to photograph.  Two Fridays ago, he came by an afternoon and said “Can you get away for a few minutes? I want to take a few photos”, and away we went, I got a few that I considered worthy enough to upload to the site, you can click on these to see the larger images:

Canal at Cowan


Sometimes, it’s even a place you’ve been before, but something new catches your eye, it could be a new element, or different positioning of old ones, often enough it’s just how the light works on the same old subjects, the scene changes as the sun makes its way across the meridians and the same scene looks vastly different in June than it did in November.  On a family outing during Easter, on what would have been “just another day” I actually came away with quite a few photos that I thought I should share, some have already been uploaded and these are some to add:

Lock Blue

On the most recent of those midday walks I mentioned I came back with some rather nice ones, my favourites being the Sepia rendered ones;

Midday ContemplationIrving's Fruits

So, I truly believe that if you’re stuck in a rut with the types of photography, if you have the photographer’s equivalent of Writer’s Block, just grab the camera, and take a walk, it could be a block away, or just out the door, a change of scenery may be all your need.  You should have a general idea of where you normally pass, don’t go there, change your route, take the long way home  🙂  Or if you are like most people these days and go everywhere in a vehicle, stop!  Drive to a spot somewhere along your normal route and get out, take a walk and maybe you’ll see things just a little differently.  If you’re in Georgetown (or New York City), having someone with you is probably a good idea, they can watch your back or even spot something you missed, just remember, if you’re going out, take the camera with you.