Under clouds of gloom, tread lightly in fear,

unknown dangers may lurk quite near

Yet onward walk, for we must see

what lies upon yonder sea

It is our goal, our sole intent

today to capture the coming rent

in clouds that cover, yet soon shall show

upon the sea a hopeful glow

for but a moment shall it be

a fleeting time, then it too shall flee

as the sun continues its descent

we try to capture the fleeting rent.

2011 Deck – Week 1

My first photo for this year’s Deck Project.  I received so much support, feedback and appreciation on the last project that I decided to do it again this year.  I called it The Deck because I was doing one photograph per week of the year (whether it is the best for the week or not), as a year has 52 weeks, and a deck of standard playing cards has 52 cards, not counting the Jokers, I thought the name The 2010 Deck sounded better than “A Photo per week for 2010”  🙂

I also think I learned a little more and got more familiar with my camera a lenses during the year.

Up to now I’ve only taken 42 photographs this week (and I doubt that I’ll take any more today) and those photos cover only 10 subjects, two of which were not meant for the project in the first place, those being some family photos and a house interior sequence.  That left me with only a few choices this week, and you would think that would make it easier to choose, but it made it harder, I was down to four choices, and while I can usually pick one out rather quickly, this week was harder, either the images were all good, or all mediocre  🙂

I ended up choosing this one below for it’s content, I liked how all the pieces fit!  It’s hard to see on the small image here on the blog so click on it to see the image on the site larger.  The afternoon rainy clouds, whiter clouds, an aircraft, a sail-boat, the rock line, a man and his dog, all in one image.  I hope you like it.


A Man and his Dog. Canon T1i, 35mm (Tamron 18-270), 1/400s, f/11, ISO200