2015 Deck – Week 41

For the duration of week 41 of 2015, I was out of circulation, I was in hospital for a bit of minor surgery, and amazingly, I got a few good pics with the phone…  😀

This is one that I favour above the other few good ones.

I think that my Instagram experiment this year was a success, I do not regret it at all, not with  a few gems like this coming from it:

Earth Tones (Brannon)  |  Instagram  |  Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Duos

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2014 Deck – Week 13

It really wouldn’t matter what photos I took during week 13 of this year, I’d still choose this one.  I could have gotten a spectacular milky way shot, or the best Kaieteur photo ever, even if I had captured the perfect Cock-of-the-rock photo, or gotten the chance to do a photo shoot of Bon Jovi, I’d still choose this one.

We welcomed our second daughter into our family, so I‘ll just stop jabbering and show you the photo I chose, although many of you might have already seen it on Facebook 🙂

Canon EOS 60D  |  Canon EF 40mm  |  1/60s f/2.8 ISO200

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Here today…

Someone may have to correct me if I am wrong (and I may very well be), but it seems that the Government can usually get funding (international) for the “construction” of a hospital or a new building at the hospital compound, but not funding to maintain and keep the existing structures.

The Public Hospital is a sea of ever-changing tides, and as the years go by the shape and structure of the hospital change with the funding.  I remember when this portion was new, and it had the brand new Emergency Room and Ambulance driveway, now it is no longer there, I had taken this last year on a walk to town.

I think that a photographic history of the Public Hospital would be fascinating, I wonder if anyone has ever tried it?  🙂

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