2012 Deck – Week 22

All of my photographs from this week came from two family functions, so, not surprisingly, it will be a photo of a family member (members).

I had just gotten hold of a 50mm lens for my camera, what many call a Nifty Fifty, having never shot with a fixed lens on the SLR before I thought it was a good time to try my hand out.  It was fun, I had to “zoom” with my feet, but the framing and composition were easier to deal with than I had originally thought, since I’ve always used a zoom lens of one type or the other (wide zooms and telephoto zooms)

Since many people who have seen my photography know that I don’t do photographs of “people” a lot, this is quite a departure for me, I hope you like it.

Nathan and Grandpa


Alone I sit,

I count the time

passing things,

never sublime.

Seconds pass,

minutes crawl

hours move,

shadows on the wall

part of the scene,

am I now

sitting beneath

the leafy bough

warmth of sun,

breeze so cool

keep away,

deathly ghoul

strength be mine,

time to rise,

home I ride

‘neath darkening skies.