2013 Deck – Week 19

I had quickly browsed through the entire takings of this week’s photos and was about to go with a street photo for this week’s Deck Photo, when on scrolling back I saw this one tucked amidst some photos from a tea-party held at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the young ladies were using this part of the building as a staging area for their fashion show.

I had looked back towards the entrance of the compound for some reason and noticed her at the window and snapped two quick shots before she disappeared back into the building, and I rather liked how this one came out.

The building is aging and I thought that the processing should match that.

Canon 60D  |  135mm  |  1/320s  |  f/7.1  |  ISO 640  |   Processed in Nik SIlver Efex

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A Journey Begins…

My sister Joan Ann got married this past weekend (July 3, 2010) to Gerard DeFreitas,

they both now reside in the island nation of Barbados.

We all miss her, and wish them all the best that the future has to hold.

Click on the Photograph for some images from the wedding



Into your eyes I look and see,

A future awaits, for you, for me,

A Journey we start today, tonight

We shine together, one bright light

Together we walk a path, our own

The future is ours, as yet unknown

Together we’ll meet whatever awaits

Beyond the beginning, the wedding gates

A couple we are, now and forever

Never to part, always together.