The Bandstand and Water Fountain at the Promenade Gardens

Growing up, we were always enthralled by the Bandstands that were a part of scenic Georgetown, back then there would even be Bands playing in those bandstands.  You can find these at the Promenade Gardens, the Botanical Gardens and at the Georgetown Seawall.

What prompted this post was a conversation that we had today with a gentleman (probably more accurately described as a concerned citizen), at the seawalls.  He saw us with cameras in hand and wondered if we were members of the local (or maybe international) media, since he wanted to highlight the destruction being carried out on the Seawall Bandstand by others.  One railing is completely removed, apparently sold as scrap iron, and he also claims that other portions of it are removed by others for their personal gain in one way or another.

Other than the vandalism, it is sad to see another part of our Historical Georgetown being neglected by the relevant authorities, at this stage I am not sure who is in charge of something like this.  Does it fall under the National Parks Commission? City Hall? The Guyana Government?  Would the Guyana Heritage Society consider a decades old (most likely more than a century old actually) structure of enough historical importance to come to its aid?

I would even dare suggest that the Pegasus Hotel assist in some small way to the restoration and maintenance of this landmark, it is on their doorstep and an attraction for tourists.  Consider it a bit of social responsibility.

What we found funny, not necessarily ironic, and I don’t mean laughable funny, is that this bandstand is part of the scenery NEXT to the Felix Austin Police College, I believe that many policemen live in this portion facing the seawall, so vandalism, theft, and destruction of property is being committed right under their noses.

Before everyone thinks that all the bandstands are falling to pieces (well, at least the ones in Georgetown), they’re not.  The one in the Botanical gardens is very well kept, and thanks to Republic Bank in their collaborative effort with the Mayor and City Council, the entire Promenade Gardens is very well kept, including the Bandstand that is a centrepiece for that Garden.

So, what is with the title of this post? Why call it 666?  I wanted to say something about this image that I posted here, and as fate would have it, the walk today and the conversation with the concerned citizen provided just the idea for the post, but the title of the post comes from the fact that this image is the six hundred and sixty-sixth image that I uploaded to my site.  That’s all it is, just a number, nothing more or less significant than that.  Someone asked how many images I had uploaded to the site and I thought the milestone worth mentioning  🙂

The Deck – Week 23

Power Struggle
A Power Struggle, and City Hall is losing

I’ve uploaded my image for the 2010 Deck collection on the site.  It seems I’ve been in a monochrome rut for the last few weeks.  It’s actually interesting this time, since I usually only make monochromatic shots for a few reasons;

  • I initially look at the scene and believe from the start that it will look good as either black and white or sepia
  • The sky was blanket grey and made an otherwise lovely scene look drab – I’m a sucker for a blue sky.
  • The post process intention was to give the image an older look

In this image, I actually got a lovely blue sky with those white clouds encroaching, something about the decaying building bothered me and I decided after some contemplation to render this in monochrome.  I am mostly a fan of “whole buildings” but occasionally I like the partials 🙂

For the post-processing details, I did a bit of distortion correction and then did the monochrome editing in Nik Silver Effects.

This post is also going to be the first post where I do a bit of social commentary, in this case, specifically brought about by my photos of City Hall yesterday.

It is shameful that such a beautiful building, with so much history can be allowed to deteriorate like this, pieces are literally falling off.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I pay my taxes, and I would expect certain things in return.  I expect them to clean the drains REGULARLY, I’ve only seen them in our area once since I moved in more than two years ago, I even expect them to maintain the parapets, you know, weeding etc., again, never saw them, and I expect them to maintain City Hall!  even if it was a crappy building, they should do it, but because it is such beautiful architecture, it is not only a good idea to keep the building that houses the governing body of the city in good repair, it is also their social responsibility to ensure that this piece of history is maintained and not become a part of history, relegated to photographs and memories.

Sadly, it may come to the point that restoration may not be an option and the building will probably be replaced by some concrete box with little or no character.  From a photography standpoint, that would be disastrous  🙂