Lately, I’ve been very busy, although depending on your point-of-view I might also have been giving priorities to the “wrong” things; for my myself, I say I’ve been busy.

I tell people that I’ve been busy, so I haven’t updated this blog, and updated the Deck Project, they look at me askance and think I’m either lying or stretching the truth, but it’s a matter of perception I suppose.

Often, what we see in a photograph is also a matter of perception, this image is one I overlooked when choosing my photo for week 9 of the Deck Project this year; when I say “overlooked”, I mean that I did not see then the potential that I saw when going back through the images the second time.

I was looking at a photograph recently of what appeared to be a woman holding a young girl lying limp across her arms, I later realized that it was a young man in her arms, but the combination of dark hair and a dark material near the head gave the long hair I usually associate (firstly) with girls, the features of the youth were very smooth and “pretty”, and he was attired in a hospital gown, all adding together to skew my perception.

I’ve also been trying to look at scenes differently and change my perspective, also altering my perception of the scene itself.  Anyway, all of this preamble is just to introduce you tot he image that I had also titled “Perception” 🙂

12:55 pm  |  Red filter  |  Canon 60D, Sigma 10-20mm lens

1/320s, f/11, ISO 100, 10mm  –  Processed in Lightroom and Nik Silver Efex

Click on the image to see it larger in the Black and White Gallery of the Collection.

2013 Deck – Week 44

In recent years I’ve taken less and less Diwali photographs, probably because I choose to spend the time with my family, and seeing as we’re not Hindus, we don’t usually light up Diyas, and the area I spend the time in is not usually very well-lit.  This year was not very different, with the exception that in-laws decided to light a few Diyas, especially for the children to experience it, so I got a few photos of Diyas 🙂

As soon as I had taken this one, I knew that it would be my choice for the Deck Project, it just had the right feel for me, some people think it is simple and don’t see in it what I see, but that’s the thing about photos, every person has their own reaction, so I never usually expect people to love the ones I do.

Here’s my offering from Diwali.

Canon 60D, Canon 40mm Lens |  1/60s, f /2.8,  ISO 1600

Click on the image to see it in the Gallery

2011 Deck – Week 42

Many times on a walk in the city I would take a photo of The Lodge, I don’t think I’ve ever used any of the photographs before, and since this week had very slim pickings, I chose one that I took in passing.  Actually I had a choice from eight subjects, this one just seemed better than the rest. 🙂

This is one of those photos that when writing about it I feel very silly.  I don’t know anything about this place and I’ve seen it all my life.  Its one of those places that everyone just refers to as The Lodge, and they give you a knowing look, so I never asked, and was never told.  I’m sure those conspiratorial glances were more ignorance rather than knowledge.

So it seems to me that maybe I should ask someone… what is that place and what really goes on in there?  Do you think I’ll get answers on the blog?  🙂


For anyone who lives in Guyana and uses the internet regularly, GT&T teased us for a few weeks with what was to come, a brand new internet experience!  They promised that from the 1st of July 2010, we would have four times the current (advertised) bandwidth on our DSL connections, most of us use a 256kbps connection so that meant a whopping 1Mbps.

Most of us, never having experienced anything like this, since we are all local born, bred and grown, with little or no exposure to the internet beyond our shores, were ecstatic with just the thought of it, some of us probably went to bed on June 30th drooling with anticipation.

I have heard people compare our DSL connection to being slower than what they get as dial-up in the cities of North America, I can’t vouch for that, but yes, it was slow.  I once thought that internet error messages were designed with a Guyanese connection in mind, but surely we’re not the only ones suffering such a fate.  During my growing years, I was always told that somewhere in the world there are people worse off than I am, and that is true.  I have a home (mortgaged), a job that I like, a family that I love,  I earn enough to feed and cloth myself and enjoy a few of the things offered in life, and I have access to the World Wide Web.  So I have to thank the telephone company for at least that.

Anyway, I digress!  GT&T and the Internet!  On July 1, 2010 I eagerly went into work, and like most Guyanese, the first thing I did at the computer was to check the all new awesome speed!  and it seems that GT&T hit the proverbial brick wall (not the one on the left).

Not only was the browsing definitely not faster, it was actually slower, across Facebook (in the Guyanese community anyway) there was joke after joke about the service (or lack of), it even escalated to attacks on the source of the new Emagine Logo and mascot.  I admit, I was part and parcel of all this, because we were all justifiably angry.  I don’t think I ever saw so much plays on the word “imagine”

The lesson to be learnt, is never ever ever promise something you can’t deliver.  You can’t say that on July 1st there’s be a newer and faster internet experience and then not deliver.  And when you don’t deliver, you have people (PR) make various excuses and hastily contrived explanations and justifications.  One individual claimed that they were “phasing it in”.  Nonsense!  you want to deliver on the promise of a faster internet that you will “phase in” the it should have been phasing in from a few days before so that you don’t make the entire company look like they’re incompetent.

The good news is, they’re ironing out the kinks, getting rid of the bugs and giving us a better service, so that I can actually upload more than one photo a day to my site 🙂

The three photos in this blog were all uploaded today, quite a milestone for me, since it was so much a hassle before, with failed uploads and just tying up the bandwidth  🙂  Now I have to go back through the older items in my catalog and finally do some processing and uploading, the new available bandwidth is giving me more work  🙂

Emagine.  I was fairly busy today and still uploaded three images, Emagine the possibilities for the future  🙂