2011 Deck – Week 19

May 19, 2011 § 12 Comments

City Hall.

I can’t seem to ever get enough photographs of this building, a heavy weight descends upon me when I go closer to it and see the effects of the neglect, the signs of disrepair, and the toll that the sun and rains take from this glorious wooden structure.

For last week I had not taken a single image for “artistic reasons”, I did do a snapshot of some newspapers for a Road Safety blog for The Alicea Foundation, but that’ wasn’t very artistic  :-)

Most of my HDR images usually use a fairly static scene, no moving elements, this week I decided to try one that included some movement, and try out the “ghost reduction” that Nik HDR Efex has built in, I think it worked very nicely.

Take a look at it larger in the gallery.

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§ 12 Responses to 2011 Deck – Week 19

  • nigel says:

    Not sure I remember seeing an HDR like this from you before. It does work very well.

    • Thanks Nigel, I think I finally found something different, I was beginning to think that I had lost my way (photographically), I wish I had your drive to go experiment with different things. Keep Shooting Nigel, you have no idea how inspiring you can be :-)

  • It is extremely depressing that so many people (particularly those who make the decisions) can drive past this building and not feel so ashamed that they immediately put up the money to fix it.

    I know we have lots of pressing priorities and money is scarce, but we have the money to put up video cameras all over the place (and associated costs of monitoring and maintenance) but we don’t have to money to look after our architectural heritage. This is a shame and disgrace.

    Thank goodness we can at least document it so people in the future can see what it was like.

  • I really like this. The angular leading lines of the clouds and road seem to frame it. The reflection is great. Love the Nik software effects.

  • Rose says:

    Nice work mike. Makes it look like a castle.

  • missusk76 says:

    Oh, I do hope someone comes up with the money to fix it up. It is a beautiful building and your image does it justice – the people walking without regard. I would be very happy if my HDR images worked so well – the colours and detail are perfect.

  • Ponikaa Girl says:

    The building reminds me of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disney Land! I like the colors of the cars in the foreground, the building’s height and reflection gives the horizontal lines a nice perpendicular balance. Thanks for sharing!

  • […] year I tried one and liked the results enough to use it for my Deck Project for the 19th Week, and whilst in Barbados I tried one down at the beach.  At the beach there was more movement that […]

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